Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Asses, Part 2

Doug Walsh sent me this story in reference to the painting of the asses of wild horses that I wrote about a few days ago.

We recently moved into a new house. Well, for decor in the dining room, I thought it'd be great to frame a photo I took while in Costa Rica last year. It’s a shot of a mountain biking Costa Rican cowboy making his way down a dirt road with a half dozen bulls. This was the "traffic jam" we hit on the way back from this out-of-the-way surf spot I hit on Christmas last year. So I quickly turned the car 90-degrees and took a shot. I always really liked this picture. I thought the irony of a cowboy in a third world country riding a shiny yellow mountain bike was kind of funny. I was also always struck by the enormity of the bullhorns on those cattle. And the blue sky and the colors of the bulls was a pretty nice contrast. Mind you this photo will be very big and very nicely framed in our dining room.

So you can imagine my surprise when a lady in the frame store commented on the fact that one of the bulls was in the middle of taking a dump. Yes, I will have a framed photo of a bull taking a dump in my dining room. That horse painting ain't sounding too bad, now is it?

You see, I've seen the photo a thousand times. I took the photo. And not once did I ever notice this bull was in the middle of dropping dung. I asked my wife and she said that she always noticed it but never said anything because she knows that I'll never be able to un-notice it again. Well, here we are. Paying hundreds of dollars on framing for vibrant dining room artwork that may end up in the bathroom. Some people think my photos look like shit. I always thought they were just being mean. Little did I know.

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