Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Grey Dog Software

Some of you may have followed the startling implosion of .400 Software Studios in the last few months. I originally heralded the company as an excellent idea, and it was--a company dedicated to sports sims that signed some of the genre's best developers. I truly believed that they were going to be very successful.

From the beginning, though, the company seemed to be plagued by premature releases. Several excellent games were released in such a premature and buggy state that large portions of their potential audience were lost. Then developers started leaving. Shaun Sullivan, developer of PureSim Baseball (and a brilliant talent), was the first to leave. Then one of the company's founders, Joe Stallings, left as well. Then the dam broke. Arlie Rahn, Gary Gorski, and Adam Ryland all left the company. In a brilliant corporate move, the management of .400 Software managed to alienate the talent to such a degree that they have no developers remaining. None.

Last one out, turn out the lights.

Tonight, though, a good idea gets a second chance. Rahn, Gorski, and Ryland have formed a new company called Grey Dog Software. They'll still be doing sports sims, and I hope that these guys, who are all very talented, will be able to succeed where .400 failed.

The press release was written by Tara Clover, formerly the P.R. rep for--.400 Software Studios.

Here's their website: Best of luck, guys.

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