Monday, September 20, 2004

Meet the Stupids

We have nothing decent to play for months on the PC platform (with the exception of City of Heroes and one or two others), then the end of the fiscal third quarter hits and the floodgates open.

Last week? The Sims 2, Madden NFL 2005, NHL 2005, Call of Duty: United Offensive, Shellshock: Nam '67, and Star Wars Battlefront.

This week? Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005 (on my desk, waiting to be installed), Rome: Total War, Warhammer 40000: Dawn of War (demo was extremely promising), Kohan II: Kings of War, Full Spectrum Warrior, Hidden and Dangerous 2: Sabre Squad Expansion, Neverwinter Nights Platinum Edition, and Hearts of Iron: We Mostly Finished It, Finally (that's what it should be called, anyway).

What the?

That's not including the twenty new Xbox releases.

These game companies are crazy. A game like Warhammer 40000: DOW would have absolutely killed in June. Now it's releasing the same week as Rome: Total War and Kohan II? Eidos takes the cake, though--releasing Shellshock the same week as the Call of Duty expansion. I know I bought a copy (I still can't remember why I ordered that), but if they'll be very lucky to sell 5,000 units. Bad, bad marketing decision.

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