Wednesday, February 02, 2005

2005 Gamer's Almanac

I like this book, and not just because about twenty-five of us are in it.

That's right--How To Know You're Too Deeply Into Gaming, which was a feature for several months in my Gone Gold columns, is included in this book, thanks to Todd Brakke, Development Editor at Que Publishing and DQ reader. Todd is also one of the grumpy old men over at The Blog for the Sports Gamer (

And in another grumpy old man sighting, Bill Abner was the tech editor on the book. Dan Clarke was probably involved as well, but he probably just sat there and bitched about U2.

This book has more information jammed into it than just about anything I've ever seen. It's the kitchen sink of gaming books--EVERYTHING is in it, including features like "Hot Plate Gourmet: Vending Machine Cooking (page 198), which is nothing short of inspired.

It's irreverent and interesting and a very good read. Here's an Amazon link if you're interested:

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