Friday, February 18, 2005

KOTOR II: The Sith Bored

I uninstalled KOTOR II last night.

The very short version of my impressions is that the game reminded me of Frankenstein--it was made of human body parts, but it wasn't quite human.

That's the difference between a Game of the Year and a game that very few people will remember. KOTOR was the former. And KOTOR II, unfortunately, is the latter.

I had decided to give it a few more hours, largely based on your e-mails, which generally said that the game got better and had some occasionally fine moments. Not entirely ringing endorsements, as a whole, but enough to make me keep going for a while.

The longer I played, though, the more I felt like this game just wasn't finished. And I sympathize with the developers, who seemingly had a larger vision for the game than was realized, but it's just not my damn problem. I've played enough raggedy-ass games for a lifetime, and I'm no longer willing to add to the total.

It was about at this point that the game crashed and I got kicked out to the desktop. And I was so dissatisfied that I wasn't willing to go back and redo just thirty minutes of the game. I uninstalled.

So long, cool-looking, menacing menu dude. You kicked ass.

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