Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Worldwide Scoop!

Here's a link:
And here's a link to the shocking photo:

Many of you are aware of the international drama that has developed over the last twenty-four hours. Radical Iraqi militants have taken soldier action figure "Cody" hostage and have threatened to behead him if their demands are not met.

Obviously, there is only one team who can save Cody.

The Rescue Heroes.

As I type this, Jack Hammer and Matt Medic are inside Iraq on a top-secret mission to rescue Cody. I know that we have some American military personnel stationed in Iraq who read this blog. Please remember that under Item 342 of the International Safety Manual, the Rescue Heroes supersede any authority at any given time.

Dubious Quality war photographer Stephanie Assham-Dubious is on the ground in Iraq as well, and I hope to have her special report within the hour.

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