Tuesday, May 31, 2005

At Dinner

Gloria and I were discussing the “Flynn Effect” at dinner last week. It’s a somewhat obscure discovery by researcher James R. Flynn demonstrating that I.Q. scores increase (overall) from one generation to the next, and this effect exists in all countries (twenty of them) for which data has been gathered.

“You know, I.Q. is not the only kind of intelligence,” Gloria said.

“Yes, that’s a common theory among those who do poorly on I.Q. tests,” I said. Causing outrage is fun.

“There’s emotional intelligence,” Gloria said, ignoring me.

“Is that a measure of how successfully you can avoid talking about emotional intelligence?” I asked. “I score highly on that.”

“Stop it,” she said. “You’re emotionally intelligent.”

“Only conceptually,” I said.

“So you’re more of a theoretician instead of a practitioner.”

“If those are actually all words, then yes, that’s what I am,” I said.

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