Tuesday, May 10, 2005


I used to think that the phrase "Oops! I'm going to clean that up!" was the most alarming thing Eli 3.9 could say.

He topped it today, though.

The new "most alarming phrase" is "Daddy! I gave myself a haircut!"

Eli 3.9's head now looks like a well-groomed fairway with one sizable divot. It's near the bangs, so it doesn't look that bad.

Besides, we have a bang-trimming problem--as a family.

Gloria used to trim her own bangs (she's going to absolutely kill me for telling this story) between hair appointments, and she, um, wasn't good at it. She used to walk into my study carrying scissors and say things like "Never, NEVER let me cut my bangs again!" I would laugh so hard I couldn't even talk.

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