Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Eli 3.9: Unplugged

Here are some assorted Eli 3.9 incidents that have piled up due to E3 coverage.

Eli's still talking like he's a character in the Dukes of Hazzard. It's been a month since his grandmather (my mother-in-law) came to town, and he's still talking like that. So, out of desperation, we've actually been trying to gently steer him toward the correct pronunciations.

Saturday night, Gloria came back from the wonder that is the Lavender Festival and brought a nifty Wizard's bubble wand for Eli. Well, sort of--she bought it but it somehow got lost on the way home. Now even though Eli has plenty of toys (believe me), he was still pouting. He made some comment that wasn't very nice about his mother and I said "Stop being a butthead."

"Butt-hayyyyd?" Bo 3.9 asked.

"Oh, no," Gloria said.

"I'll get it," I said to Gloria. "No, not 'butt-hayyyyd.' It's 'butthead.'

"Great," Gloria said.

"Say it fast," I said. "Butthead."

"Butthayyyd," Eli 3.9 said.

"Try it again."

"Butthead," he said.

"Excellent," I said.

"And you can never say that again," Gloria said.

"And you can never say it again, too, Daddy," Eli 3.9.

"I only say it when you're being a butthead," I said.

Eli laughed. Gloria looked like, well, like she always looks because she's married to me. Distressed.

Incident #2: Gloria was reading Eli a Sandra Boynton book, and there was a page with a group of characters in a play, one of them dressed as some kind of princess. Eli looked at her and said, "That must be the beauty in distress."

Thanks to DQ reader my wife for submitting this story.

Incident #3: Eli has somehow combined the chant for "Red Rover, Red Rover" with a safey warning. He's walking around the house today mumbling "Red rover, red rover, is it safe to go to the car without a grown-up?"

Incident #4: Eli really likes to snuggle on the couch with Gloria before he goes up for his bath. Last night he was laying on the couch, having declared his intention for snuggling to begin, and Gloria walked past him to put in some laundry. He looked up and shouted "MOMMY! WHERE'S THE LOVE?"

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