Monday, May 30, 2005

Eli 3.9

Here are a couple of Eli 3.9 stories.

Eli watches television for one hour in the morning and one hour in the evening. For those of you without children, that might seem like a huge amount of television. Of course, you haven't seen the scientific research conducted entirely by parents proving that three-year-olds are actually awake thirty-eight hours a day.

Sometimes longer.

Most of Eli 3.9's television time is spent watching Rescue Heroes videos, and he likes them so much that he's absorbed every detail.

We were in the grocery store yesterday, walking down an aisle together, when a man and his little boy walked by on the perpendicular aisle. Eli 3.9 looked at them and shouted "A RESCUE HERO NEVER SAYS NEVER!"

There's a commercial for the "Hyper-Jet" before the videos, and he's absorbed that, too. Tonight, Gloria had put his dinner on his little table, and he sat down and ate for a minute before he realized that she'd forgotten something. He said "Mommy, where's my drink?" Then he said "Drinks not included. Water sold separately."

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