Friday, May 27, 2005

The Guild 2

Thanks to Certis over at Gamers With Jobs for letting me know that Jowood was showing The Guild 2 publicly. It was on one machine, which I totally missed. Too bad, because that was one of the games I most wanted to see.

Europa 1400: The Guild, for those of you that missed it, was one of the most interesting games ever made, a hybrid RTS/role-playing game that let you assume a place in medieval society. Fascinating stuff, and unfortunately not really finished until a year after the original game was released when an expansion pack came out with a patch for the original game. It's just about the only time a game was so good that I overlooked its poor support.

Unfortunately, almost no one else saw it at E3 either, apparently, because I can't find anyone who mentioned it. I did find a link to the game's website and you can download a trailer (which is quite good) here:

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