Friday, May 27, 2005

Salesman of the Month

I met a friend for lunch today. Shocking, I know, but not really the point here.

I had about fifteen minutes to kill, so I went across the street to a second-tier electronics chain to walk around. Once in the door, I was accosted by a salesguy both so young and so new that he squeaked. Literally. And he looked a little bit like Napoleon Dynamite, which for me was a huge bonus. So imagine Napoleon Dynamite in a sales blazer.

He proceeded to follow me around the door at a safe stalking distance of ten feet or so, probably because I started in the HD area. Their HD sets were terribly displayed, in a bad lighting environment, and some of the loop feed was actually SD, which generally looks awful compared to HD programming. Since he was still stalking me, and I figured he was on commission, I thought maybe I'd ask him about this.

"So why do you have high-definition sets running a loop from The Food Channel?" I asked. "That's not even HD footage."

"Well," he said, "we use The Food Channel because most people really like food."

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