Friday, May 27, 2005

Xbox 360 Pricing "Neighborhood" Info

Microsoft corporate vice president J Allard has confirmed that the Xbox 360 will be priced "in the neighbourhood" of $300, which was the initial launch price of the Xbox, with a final decision on price to be made in about two months.

Speaking to, Allard said that he was "not sure" about the final price point, with a decision on pricing still "probably about two months away" - but confirmed that the price would "be in the neighbourhood" of the $300 price tag of Xbox at launch.

First off, that guy needs to put a period after his first initial, because without a period, that's so edgy that it almost makes me pass out. How can that guy even breathe in the stratosphere of edge like that?

Second, that neighborhood quote should mean only two possibilities: a launch price of $299 or $349.

Here's a prediction: if they launch 360 at $299, they will sell every unit they can make. Every single one. And since I fully expect PS3 not to launch in the timeframe they're currently targeting (March 2006 in Japan), the 360 is going to have a huge base built up in both the U.S. and Europe (the wisdom of simultaneous launches) before the PS3 even gets out the door.

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