Friday, June 17, 2005

A Gift for Father's Day

If your father/spouse has an Xbox, Burnout 3: Takedown is now selling for $19.99. Burnout 3 features the most extensive car crash mode ever seen in a game, and it's a blast. I've never even played the driving part of the game, but I'm sure I've played in crash mode for over twenty hours, at least. You can literally start wrecks that involve forty or fifty cars, and the amount of detail is amazing (and funny). I can't imagine anyone not enjoying this.

Well, anyone who's a guy, anyway.

Here's something else about this game that makes it a nice Father's Day gift: it's great with two players. I play this game with Eli 3.10 several times a week (he calls it "the car crash" game, which is entirely accurate). I start a wreck, we laugh, I hand him the controller, he starts a wreck, we laugh, repeat twenty times. It's very, very fun.

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