Friday, June 17, 2005

Guild Wars/World of Warcraft

Thanks to DQ reader Wally, who sent me a link to the changes made in Guild Wars this week. The developers amaze me--they make more fixes in one week than the World of Warcraft developers make in three months. See for yourself--here's the link:

They're also working on reducing the incentives for farming, just as they promised.

In contrast, DQ reader Phil White sent me a link to what Blizzard is spending their time on. It's a contest for the best screenshot taken inside the new battlegrounds. The screenshots will be "run through the gauntlet of dev team scrutiny," which is a great idea, because those guys aren't glacially slow about providing patches or new content or anything.

What's the prize? According to the website, it's a "rare, life-size mannequin of a Night Elf female."

Dude, I hope "rare" is assumed when you refer to a life-size mannequin of a Night Elf. Because if it's not, you need to get out more, and I don't mean in my neighborhood.

Here's a link to the actual life-size Night Elf in question:

Yes, those of you who don't click on links: click on the link. You've got to see this picture. She looks so, well, hookeresque.

In a totally authentic World of Warcraft Night Elf kind of way, of course.

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