Monday, September 19, 2005


I bought a Nintendo DS today. The world has gone mad.

I have a plausible explanation: DQ reader Erik Peterson worked on Advance Wars: Dual Strike, and since he has been unfailingly witty when I make fun of Nintendo (One of his e-mails consisted of this: Yow. That's some tough love you're slinging.), I felt like I should play his game.

I didn't pick up Nintendogs, though, because I just don't get Nintendogs. Taking care of pets is really kind of a pain in the ass, so I want to buy a virtual pain in the ass? Like Maimonides said--if you give a dog a fish, he'll eat the fish and then be hungry again. But if you teach him how to fish, he will never go hungry. And if he can't learn how to fish, get rid of the damn dog

That may not be an exact quote.

The point is, though, if I could teach little Butch or Skippy how to fish, and then while I was away he could catch fish and sell the fish to a local market for prizes that I could decorate my virtual apartment with, I'd be in. Otherwise, I'm just on the dog care leveling treadmill.

I have one question, though: can you get your dog fixed? Here's some synergy: take your Nintendogs save, load it into "Trauma Center: Under the Knife," and perform the surgery. Then, if you botch the operation, load that save into "Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney" and fight off the lawsuit.

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