Monday, October 03, 2005


This just in: DQ reader Brian Pilnick is a bad-ass.

He's on Carnegie Mellon's Red team for the DARPA Grand Challenge. Here's a description of the challenge from the DARPA website
DARPA will award $2 million to the autonomous (robotic) ground vehicle that can successfully mavigate a challenging desert course of approximately 150 miles the fastest (in less than 10 hours).

At this point, teams are in the qualifying stage, and Brian's team has its own website, which you can find here: The website is very slick and absolutely packed with information.

Right now, it looks like Carnegie Mellon and Stanford have the two top teams. October 8 is race day and there will be a video webcast from the DARPA site.

Okay, Dubious Quality isn't exactly entered in the challenge, but we'll consider Brian our official representative.

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