Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Launch Day Rankings

Of the games I've played today, here are the overall rankings relative to each other. This is entirely subjective, obviously, and I've mentioned today that certain games, although excellent representations of their genre, have gameplay or stories that I enjoy less because they feel stale.

1. Project Gotham Racing 3
2. NBA2K6
3. Perfect Dark Zero
4. NHL2K6

The first two games (PGR3 and NBA2K6) are probably the best examples of next-gen graphics available in the launch titles. I thought the first four games were well above the rest.

5. Call of Duty 2
6. Kameo

Both of these games are done well enough that they would be ranked higher if I just enjoyed playing them more. WWII games and platformers just don't feel fresh (in any way) to me anymore.

7. (tie) King Kong and Condemned: Criminal Origins
Two games that, although they cover totally different subject, actually have a surprising amount in common, at least for the first hour of gameplay. Nice lookers, but relatively repetitive gameplay. Again, though, that's just based on one hour.

9. GUN
This is actually an interesting enough game that I'm going to keep playing, but it was, by far, the weakest in terms of graphics and animation.

Sorry about not answering any mail today. I'm going to catch up tomorrow and I'll also have a long post about your launch stories.

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