Tuesday, December 13, 2005

About You Guys

I subscribe to a service called Site Meter that tracks page views and site visits for Dubious Quality. It's something simple that helps me keep track of whether anyone besides Gloria and my mom are reading the column.

Yesterday, I saw a report option that I'd never noticed before, even though I'm sure it's been there all the time. It was "Country Share." Well, it's very cool. It lets me know what percentage of visitors come from each country on a daily basis. Here's the snapshot as of 12:15 my time today:

76.25% United States
9.05% Canada
2.73% United Kingdom
2.38% Australia
1.05% Germany
0.70% Netherlands
0.63% Sweden
0.55% Unknown Country
0.45% Norway
0.45% Finland
0.40% Japan
0.40% Italy
0.38% Singapore
0.38% Spain
0.44% France
0.33% Denmark
0.25% Republic of Korea
0.23% Brazil
0.23% Taiwan
0.20% Portugal
0.20% India
0.17% Malaysia
0.17% Estonia
2.14% Miscellaneous

I would see a little sliver for a country and go "Hey, I remember that guy!" because many of you international readers have e-mailed me at some point in the last few years.

So that's where you guys come from. And thanks to all of you for visiting.

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