Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Calling All Johnsons

Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios president Phil Harrison has claimed that Microsoft's Xbox 360 "doesn't have true HD functionality," saying that consumers seeking a HD experience will have to wait for the PS3 to arrive.

..."As you well know," he continued, "the Xbox 360 doesn't play high definition movies and doesn't have true HD functionality - PlayStation 3 is the only format that has 1080-progressive, which is the true definition of HD, so it's really premature to be talking about the HD era."

"The HD era really only starts when we are on the market," he concluded.

Man, is Sony going to rename themselves Wang? Because that's all they seem to be doing lately--dropping trou and showing off their wang.

Could you guys maybe, um, stop waving your unit around and actually show some playable games? You're allegedly launching in Japan in about four months and you've got dick to show for it so far.

Penis references so far: three.

In lieu of actual gameplay, they're doing interviews. Nice. It's not like I won't buy a PS3 when it comes out, because I'll be there on launch day, but this "mine is bigger than yours" act has really gotten tiresome, especially because Sony still hasn't shown us much of anything except a few trailers.

Fall 2006 in the U.S.? Right.

Scooter, please button up and come back when you have something like, um, games to show.

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