Thursday, December 15, 2005

Gamers, Live Long and Prosper

The "Year in Science" issue of Discover magazine lists what it considers the top hundred science stories of 2005.

#24 is titled "At Last: We Find Out Why Stupid People Usually Die Young." Here's an excerpt:
In 2001 researchers in Great Britain were surprised to discover that people with low IQ's live shorter lives. But a more startling finding came this year with a report that reaction time proved an even stronger predictor of life span than IQ.

As it turns out, the correlation between IQ and lifespan was a red herring. The real correlation was between reaction time and lifespan. As to the possibilities of why, here's another excerpt:
Another hypothesis is that the differences restult from more fundamental, lifelong variations in the speed at which people process information.

Oh, that's outstanding. Gaming improves your reaction time--substantially. And I think it also increases the speed at which information gets processed. So does that mean we're going to live longer because we play games?


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