Monday, December 12, 2005

Science Links

Some cool science links for your enjoyment.

First, from Robot Wisdom Weblog, a link to a satellite photograph from Envisat taken over England within five hours of the start of the fires at the Buncefield oil depot. It's a remarkable photograph:

From Slashdot, a link to a story about what is potentially the birth of a new ocean. Here's an excerpt:
Researchers from Britain, France, Italy and the U.S. have been observing the 37-mile long fissure since it split open in September in the Afar desert and estimate it will take a million years to fully form into an ocean, said Dereje Ayalew, who leads the team of 18 scientists studying the phenomenon.

..."We believe we have seen the birth of a new ocean basin," said Dereje of Addis Ababa University. "This is unprecedented in scientific history because we usually see the split after it has happened. But here we are watching the phenomenon."

Amazing, and here's the link:

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