Thursday, January 26, 2006

Fight Night Round 3 (Demo)

After unrelenting e-mail pressure, I went ahead and downloaded the Fight Night 3 Demo (available on the Xbox Live Marketplace--it's about 400 megs).

I thought Fight Night Round 2 looked pretty amazing last year. And it did, for its era, but it looks like stick men drawn with crayons compared to Round 3. The graphics quality is every bit as high as PGR 3.

Even more impressive are the animations. I'll probably never use this word in conjunction with a game again, but they're superb. Astonishing, really. The punching animations are so accurate that it's stunning. I also got to see fatigue in action, and the change is just as it should be--your fighter slows down, his punches lose their snap, and he also doesn't block as effectively.

No HUD? Didn't need one.

All in all, a spectacular effort, and I only hope that the full game is as polished.

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