Friday, January 27, 2006

Guitar Hero (30)

I'm leaking oil and spewing fuel like a thirty year old beater. My hand feels like silly putty. The Rock meter has gone from green, to yellow, to red, to flashing red. If there had been five more notes to play, I would have failed the song.

But there weren't. And I didn't.

Cowboys From Hell on Hard difficulty has finally been passed. And if I'm making that sound like a kidney stone, that's about how painful it was. Six hundred notes, at least, all played at hyper-speed. Oh, and if you want to see just how hard it is, take a look at this video (thanks to the Gamers With Jobs forums):

That guy's playing on Expert difficulty, not hard, but it gives you an idea. Plus he's a freak--I think I heard two missed notes in the entire song. I cannot even conceive of someone being able to do that.

So it damned sure wasn't impressive, but I got through, which gave me 29 of 30 songs completed on Hard. Bark at the Moon, which is the 30th song, is supposed to be as hard as Cowboys From Hell, but for some reason my brain despises CFH and actually likes BatM. Instead of seventy tries (at least) to pass, it took four.

So I've "passed" Hard level, although I'm far from completing it, at least in my mind, which would require 5-star ratings on all the songs (plus the bonus songs). I still need 6 more songs on Expert (stuck at 84% on Crossroads right now).

If you're stuck on Cowboys From Hell, you might take some comfort in this: CFH on Hard is far harder than any of the 24 songs I've passed on Expert so far. It is singularly difficult, so if you're stuck, play on Expert for a while and pass some of those songs.

What I find particuarly interesting (all right, "enthralling" is probably a better word) about GH is how your skills improve. Sometimes they improve overnight, or after a day off. And it's a remarkable feeling to play a song and feel overwhelmed by a totally incomprehensible rush of notes--yet somehow, a few days later, that rush of notes makes sense and you play them.

It's great. It's an anti-depressant in the form of a plastic guitar.

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