Friday, January 27, 2006

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Excellent, as always. Thank you.

From someone who I'm guessing wants to remain anonymous this time, information on what Barbara Kaczynski was probably doing when she resigned from the audit board at Take-Two. From Word Spy:
noisy withdrawal n. The public withdrawal of legal representation in which the departing lawyer, having knowledge of the client's existing or potential improprieties, disavows work done for the client and notifies the proper authorites of the withdrawal.

Well, reread her quote in the post below. That sounds exactly like what she's doing.

DQ reader Steve West sent a link to an interesting article about Google. Here's an excerpt:
Google does not run on huge, expensive mainframe computers but on a very large number of bog-standard, over-the-counter PCs, the same sort used by ordinary mortals...Vise puts the figure at more than 100,000 PCs.

Lots of information about the "fastest growing company in the history of the world" and here's the link:

DQ reader Francis Cermak (and others) let me know that FOX is creating a television series based around middling NBA player (and excellent blogger) Paul Shirley. It's going to be called "The 12th Man" (which refers to the last man on an NBA roster).

Dan Quock sent in a link to another video from the Top Gear show, and this one is very funny as well. Show member Jeremy Clarkson went to Nurburgring and did a lap in under ten minutes. He was quite proud of himself. Then his driving instructor said that she could do it in under ten minutes--in a van. Here's the link:

From DQ reader My Wife, a link to a warning sign--about the sign itself. That's hard to beat. Here's the link:

From Randy Graham, a story about the the discovery of the world's smallest fish, which is less than eight millimeters long and lives in water that is over a hundred times more acidic than rainwater. And it has grasping fins. Grasping what, no one is sure. Here's the link:

Finally, Andrew Crossman sends in a link to yet another excellent article in The Onion--this one, about the invention of the "hyperbolic chamber."

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