Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Your Guitar Hero Post for Tuesday

Cowboys From Hell on Hard is mocking me. I've passed 28 of 30 songs on Hard difficulty, and 22 of 30 on Expert, but I'm still being mocked.

Several readers (with Michael O'Reillybeing the first) sent in the link to a mod for the Guitar Hero guitar that makes it wireless. See how to do it here:

Here's a note from DQ reader Jason Nachtrab:
My wife's parents are visiting this weekend and we got them to try it. So far the highlight has been my father-in-law rocking out to "You Got Another Thing Comin" FOUR TIMES because he wanted to beat my wife's high score. Awesome.

Then, from a follow-up:
3:30 this afternoon.
Mother-in-law: "Well, we probably ought to think about heading home."
Father-in-law: "Hang on, I need to rock for a while first. Then we'll go."

We all need to rock for a while. No question.

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