Monday, February 27, 2006

The Definitive Load Screen From Hell

Kotaku had a very funny link yesterday to a video of "Smackdown vs. Raw 2006" on the PSP. It's not the game, actually--it's the loading screen(s). All six minutes of them.

That's right. To go from inserting the PSP dingle-thingy to actually wrestling in career mode, it takes over SIX MINUTES. And some guy made a little film of what's happening during that time, complete with Benny Hill theme music and snarky subtitles. You wouldn't think you could watch over six minutes of loading screens, but he makes it funny. Here's the link:

[UPDATE: The video's been pulled. I don't know why and have no nefarious conspiracy theory to contribute. At this time.]

The videogame industry is very angry over used game sales. But to some degree, they've brought it on themselves. The poor bastard who paid FIFTY DOLLARS for this game can't return it after he finds out that it takes six freaking minutes to get into career mode.

To sell products that are potentially defective to that degree (or, in some cases, much worse) and not allow returns is utterly irresponsible. That's the kind of thing that alienates customers to the degree that they never buy new games--ever--just to punish the game industry in general.

With protection comes responsibility. The game industry wants one, but won't accept the other.

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