Thursday, February 23, 2006

Guitar Hero (Bark at the Moon)

Here's an idea of how hard Bark at the Moon on Expert is: In the first 28 seconds, you play 111 notes. I'm counting chords as one note, so the 28 chords in that group each count as one note.

That's four notes a second for the first thirty seconds, roughly. And at that point you've done about 10% of the full song.

So if you wonder why people say it's so hard, there you go. It's like a final exam, along with Cowboys From Hell, which is more like a body cavity search.

I managed to get through 92% just now before I flamed out, which is the farthest I've gotten.

And if you'd like to see what the game looks at that speed, here's a video of BatM on Expert that just shows the t.v. screen. The guy is an unbelievably good player, but even he has problems in that wicked first solo section. Here's the link (contrast isn't good, but it's amazing nonetheless):

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