Sunday, March 12, 2006

Bark at the Moon: Guide on Thursday

I am very confident that the preceding picture represents proof of the worst possible passing performance in the history of Guitar Hero. The absolute flashing red, lousy note percentage worst.

That, however, might be to your advantage.

If you played Bark at the Moon on Expert and passed it on the fifth try, you don't need me. If you've never played it on Expert, you don't need me. Yet. But if you've played it thirty, forty, fifty times and haven't passed, I'm your guy. Because I know exactly how to pass this song. To the second. And that's the only way I made it. It wasn't talent (clearly) that got me through the song--it was analysis.

So on Thursday, I'm going to put up a strategy guide. It's very specific, and if you can play the main riffs of the song even decently, it will give you a foolproof strategy to get through the solos. That doesn't mean it's easy to execute, but once you understand how and when things have to be done, you can pass.

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