Monday, March 13, 2006

Spring Break

Eli 3.7 has spring break this week, and we're going to the Houston Museum of Natural Science to see a new dinosaur exhibit
The understanding of dinosaur biology has evolved considerably during the past two decades. Dinosaurs: Ancient Fossils, New Discoveries explains this evolution and highlights the cutting-edge research and technology used by scientists and paleontologists. This spectacular exhibition takes an in-depth look at how these developments have helped scientists better understand these creatures’ behavioral and physical characteristics, and provides more insight into the puzzling mystery of their extinction.

Eli's totally amped up, as you can imagine. And since I have a PSP and MLB '06, I'm going to get to do some excellent gaming during Gloria's half of the drive. And I like dinosaurs, too, so I'm pretty amped up myself.

We're staying near Hermann Park, which has all kinds of cool things to do, and we'll be coming back Wednesday morning.

And since you're not geting to go to Hermann Park, I've written up content for both today and tomorrow and I'll be coming to you "live on tape." Which I hope you enjoy.

I won't be able to answer any mail until Wednesday night/Thursday, so when you send me North Korean versions of Beatles' songs (you'll see), don't expect a response before then.

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