Friday, March 10, 2006

Your Notes

First off, DQ reader Darren Love sent in a correction on the Gal Civ II budget that I mentioned in an earier post. The article I linked to gave me the impression that Gal Civ II's budget was $300,000, but that's incorrect--that was the budget for the first Gal Civ. Gal Civ II came in around $1,000,000. Still not a huge budget, but that's a big difference.

Also, from Daniel d'Avignon-Aubut, a note about the robotic mule:
There is one thing you forgot to mention in your robotic mule post: Star Wars' Walkers.

When I first saw the movie, I immediately thought that these gigantic robots were absolutely stupid: I mean, is it really the best way to travel on unknown terrain? It's so easy to trap them with their legs.

I credit George Lucas with a lucky guess on this one.

I hadn't even thought about that, but they do share a remarkable resemblance.

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