Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Weird Friday

I was in Barnes and Nobles last week, killing a little time in the music section, when I noticed a guy at the counter. I noticed him because he was pretty enthusiastic and was talking to the clerk at a volume that was hard to ignore. He was a mid-40's guy, like me, and had shoulder-length, wavy hair and a soul patch.

Again, just like me. Or maybe not.

Anyway, he was telling the clerk that he was a singer/songwriter. The clerk asked him what kind of music, and the guy said "I play Dylanesque songs with a gothic feel."

That's one of those sentences where I feel like English is a foreign language. I mean, I know what each of those words individually mean, but the sentence itself is gibberish to me. He could have said "I wear underpants outside my jeans and own a draft horse who farms corn" and it would have made more sense.

Can you imagine what would happen if I tried this? I'd walk into a gaming store and chat up the clerk, then say "I write about gaming."

He'd say "Oh, really? What do you write about?"

"Games, mostly. And, um, my ass."

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