Tuesday, April 18, 2006

What the?

From Marketwatch:
[Bear Sterns analyst R. Glen] Reid downgraded Take-Two to underperform and lowered his price target of $14 from $17, citing the company's rising costs and the lack of cash generation. Reid wrote that "while the creativity of the company's studios is apparent, the company's ability to execute is not."

He also said that Take-Two's deal to produce games based on Major League Baseball is reported to have been around $300 million for eight years.

I added what I like to call the "WTF bold" emphasis to the excerpt. MLB2K6 has a staggering number of gigantic bugs, a number of bugs that might even rival Front Page Sports Football '99, which was so bad it was first recalled, then abandoned. Why in the world are you going to pay roughly thirty-seven million dollars a year for a license that you will then use to release an absolutely shit game? How in the world do people at the executive level not lose their jobs over this?

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