Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Dwarf Fortress--New Version and Notes

There's a new version of Dwarf Fortress out and you can grab it here. Please remember that you need to copy your save directory (to your desktop, for example), then copy it back over after you install the new version. Plus, since you only have one save in this game, anyway, keeping a backup of your save directory is a good idea in general.

One of the new changes, which I particularly appreciate since I have a high focus on farming, is that there is now a "ash to potash" option at the ashery. Previously, there was a gotcha if you wanted to make potash (which is used as fertilizer)--you had to make lye first, which was fine, but the lye then had to sit around for a while, and if it didn't, you couldn't make potash. It was hard to know how long the lye should sit around because there was no ready designation when it could be used. So this is much easier now.

What this game has done, for me, is restore a kind of awe I've felt in games that I haven't felt in a long, long time. The first game I played was Ultima IV, and I still remember the exact moments when I first boarded a pirate ship and found the balloon. They were moments that were just impossibly cool.

I've had great moments in games since then, lots of them, but very few that were awe-inspiring like that. I've had several of those moments in Dwarf Fortress, and I keep having them.

This afternoon I'll have more of your DF stories, and I'm also going to start writing about how the mid-game might be more manageable with some additional interface options (and a few interface consolidations as well). I'd also like to hear your ideas for the interface, which is relatively powerful but somewhat awkward in places.

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