Friday, September 29, 2006

New 3D Tech

Looks like we're on our way (thanks Extreme Tech):
NTT DoCoMo announced Friday that it has co-developed a portable, seven-inch 3D display system that can project 3D images without special glasses, and from an offset viewing angle.

The research, performed in conjunction with Associate Professor Yasuhiro Takagi of Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, will be applied to applications like high-resolution games and shopping, DoCoMo said.

The system, which enables 3D images to be viewed within a 60-degree horizontal angle and 30-degree vertical angle, generates the images based on the viewer's position relative to the screen, NTT DoCoMo said. Using a camera embedded in the display's LCD screen, the system determines where the viewer is and immediately projects 3D images through a lenticular (single-convex) lens attached to the front of the screen. This results in the viewer seeing an object that appears to leap out from the screen.

The big difference here is the relatively wide viewing range compared to previous 3D technologies. It's a considerable advancement.

Like I've written about in the past, 3D is the next big step in viewing technology. And its killer application will be games. What's always held it back are the glasses that needed to be worn, but those aren't needed anymore.

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