Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Pro Football Note

I saw this over at SI.com this afternoon:
TEMPE, Ariz. (AP) -- Kurt Warner will remain the starting quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals, coach Dennis Green said Tuesday.

Green's comment came in a statement released by the team following an ESPN report that Green decided that rookie Matt Leinart would replace Warner as starter for Sunday's game at Atlanta.

Over at ESPN.com, where they "broke" the story, they said that Green "changed his mind." Heh.

Here's the thing, though--I've watched quite a bit of Arizona so far this year because I thought they looked like an interesting team. In all the years I've watched pro football (39 as of this year), I've never seen a quarterback fumble more often or more easily than Kurt Warner. It's incredible. If he gets brushed with a fingernail the ball comes out. So he might go 18-24 with no interceptions, but you're going to get three fumbles along with that.

Here's comment (from ESPN) from the center for the Cardinals in reference to the snap problems they've been having (another source of fumbles for Warner):
"I did my assignment," Stepanovich said, "and the next thing I know the ball is on the ground."

Ouch. I think that's an indication that Warner has lost the team. Centers don't throw their quarterbacks under the bus.

I think if the Cardinals thought that Matt Leinart was anywhere near being ready to start, they'd start him. Kurt Warner had a few sensational years with the Rams, but at this point he's a huge liability.

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