Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Links World

A very odd collection to get your day started.

First off, a link from Jeff Pinard to a very funny nature video about spiders--sort of. You can see it here.

From Andrew Borelli, a link to a snack review site called There are hundreds of reviews of different kinds of snacks--chips, candy, chocolate, and everything else. Keep a piece of paper handy, because you're going to find several snacks that you want to try. Read it here.

Also from Andrew Borelli, a link to a historical repository of video game ads--"classic, contemporary, and present videogame commercials." There are almost five thousand ads available for viewing, and you can see them here.

Nick Blair sent me a link to a site called Girls Are Pretty, and some of the posts are as good as McSweeney's (if you don't know about Mcsweeney's, you need to--just trust me). Here are two hilarious posts from GAP, and there are many, many more:
99 Pushups Day
It's Been A While Since You Saw Her Day

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