Friday, March 23, 2007

Friday Links

Quite an assortment here, and I hope you enjoy them.

First, here's a link to a story about a car that runs on compressed air. What makes this car different is that it's actually going into production--in India. It's a remarkable piece of engineering and it's incredibly efficient--read about it here.

Next, from Sirius, a very interesting science story over at MSNBC. Here's an excerpt:
WASHINGTON - Scientists have unearthed a fossil of a mammal the size of a chipmunk that skittered around with the dinosaurs, with a key feature in the evolution of mammals — the middle ear bones — fabulously preserved.

Read about it here.

From Shad Price, a link to pictures of the Naica Mine in Mexico. What makes this mine so remarkable are the crystals--as large as four feet in diameter and fifty feet long. The pictures are stunning, and you can see them here.

Brian Witte sent in two links to remarkable photographs. The first, one of the most beautiful skycapes I've ever seen is here. The second link is to a set of hoverfly photos (look on the right side of the page and you'll see the link). See them here.

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