Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Puzzle Quest Update

I e-mailed Support at Infinite Interactive concerning the PC version of Puzzle Quest, and this was their response:
Our publisher, D3P handles all the announcements, so you should check back later to our site when they decide. They don't have an official release date yet that I know of, but the PC version should be out in June/July.

Argggh. It's too bad that the PC version is lower priority, because the demo is getting a decent amount of attention (I saw a post on Kotaku last night). In the meantime, I ordered the DS version.

Oh, and here are a few more notes (courtesy of my friend John Harwood). First, it supports higher resolutions than 1600x1200, which is very impressive. Also, the world map is huge--2x3 screens, at least, and even one screen has dozens of locations on it. So the game world is relatively gigantic.

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