Thursday, May 10, 2007

It Burrrrns

Ironically, one of the main topics of the Console Post of the Week was going to be Peter Moore's statement to 1Up:
"I can't comment on failure rates, because it's just not something - it's a moving target. What this consumer should worry about is the way that we've treated him. Y'know, things break, and if we've treated him well and fixed his problem, that's something that we're focused on right now. I'm not going to comment on individual failure rates because I'm shipping in 36 countries and it's a complex business."

That's got to be one of the greatest non-answer answers I've ever seen, at least in the weaselly sense.

Reading between the lines, that means someone outside Microsoft has enough data on failure rates that Moore can no longer claim that they don't have a problem, because if he did, that data in the wild might blow up in his face.

Or mine, actually, since my 360 puked tonight. It wouldn't connect to Live today for me to download the Forza demo, then it started freezing up, and finally tonight I got the red ring of death. Lovely.

I did manage to copy my Guitar Hero II save to a memory card--literally, thirty seconds before it died.

So after talking to someone at Microsoft Support who was comprehensively unimpressive, I'm now out $139.90 for an out-of-warranty repair and it's going to be at least two weeks.

Hey Peter, my console is a moving target.

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