Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Walking With Dinosaurs

If you've seen the BBC documentary Walking With Dinosaurs, I'm sure you remember the spectacular nature of the program.

Doug Walsh e-mailed me with the news that there is now a stage show version of Walking With Dinosaurs, and it looks absolutely incredible. FIFTEEN life-sized dinosaurs, including a brachiosaurus that is 45 feet tall and 75 feet long.

There's a newspaper article here, and the website is here. If you want to see some video, go to the website main page, choose "The Dinosaurs", then choose "Video." Quite a bit of the video is fluff, but the sections where they show the dinosaurs are freaking unbelievable. They use a combination of robotics and puppetry, and the movements of the dinosaurs are shockingly good.

This show is apparently starting a two-year tour of North America, so while only about a dozen dates have been announced so far, there should be quite a few more added.

I can't wait to see Eli 5.11's face when he sees dinosaurs face-to-face.

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