Friday, August 10, 2007

Two Corrections (Gaming Links)

Fredrik let me know that Switching Gears can be played with a keyboard and mouse. More info here, although he does mention that control is more responsive with a gamepad.

Second, I misunderstood the attack meter in Blue Dragon. John Brown sent in this:
That meter is actually to power up/time your attack. The more you power up the attack, the longer the attack takes to go off. The markers are for the various combatants and tell you when they are going next. Where you stop the marker is where the attack goes off. So you can choose a quick attack at the cost of the attack being less powerful or you can make the attack more powerful at the cost of possibly going after your enemy.

That's even more interesting (and more logical) than I thought it was originally.

Oh, and I forgot to mention one thing abou the Stranglehold demo: once you're finished playing, there are scenes from various parts of the game that play automically.

And play. And play. And play.

It feels like you're sitting there forever, and then, when the single-player clips finally end, they show you multiplayer clips! It's incredibly annoying and there's no way to skip it, so just be warned.

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