Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Gaming Links

The grumpy old bastards at The Blog For The Sports Gamer (which I read every day) have some spiffy new digs--they've got their own site now. Visit it here (the URL is http://www.sportsgamerblog.com/), and as an added bonus, they've now got forums.

Speaking of sports sites, I'm also visiting Pasta Padre's site every day. Pasta Padre is Brian Wiedey, and his site is well worth a look if you're a sports gamer, with in-depth updates on newly released and upcoming games. Take a look here.

Bill Abner, dean of sports game reviewers, let me know yesterday that Blood Bowl, a boardgaming fantasy sports classic, is getting a new PC adaptation, and early indications are very good. There's a preview here, plus a video of some early engine footage here.

Okay, last sports gaming link: Craig Miller sent me link to a Madden 08 video that's a very good example of the kind of bullshit we shouldn't have to put up with when this game gets released every freaking year. Take a look and watch a pass take a ninety-degree turn in mid-air here. Arghh!

Matthew Sakey's excellent Culture Clash column has a new installment, an excellent read on the moral choices in BioSchock, and you can read it here.

Michael Clayton sent me an interesting link to a press release from the Ayn Rand Institute titled "Stop Playing Games With the Rights of Parents." It's an eloquent statement against games censorship, and you can read it here. Given that Objectivisim is a major theme in BioShock, it's quite amusing that this statement came out almost the same day as the game.

John Harwood sent me a link to an interview with Harmonix CEO Alex Rigopulos about the upcoming Rock Band, which you can read here. Plus, there's a new trailer for the game here, and there's also a link on that page to see it in HD.

That's not a normal game trailer--it's one of the best trailers I've ever seen.

I've linked to this site before, but since I've been writing about Armageddon Empires (which has a strong board game feel to it) so much lately, Christopher Bartlett said I should link to Board Game Geek one more time.

The last link is to a story by Russ Pitts in this week's issue of The Escapist about his experience playing Sociolotron, a sexual role-playing MMO. I'll warn you before the link that what he encounters is creepy and unsettling, at least to me, but he's a terrific writer and it's an excellent read. The story is here.

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