Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Good Advice

"Hello, gorgeous," I said. Gloria's been at the pool with Eli, and her hair is wet and she smells like chlorine.

"Huh," she said. "I don't feel very gorgeous right now."

"You don't have to feel it," I said. "The gorgeous exude gorgeousness. You're like a wet dog that smells. They don't feel like they smell. They just do."

I hope that came out right.

Last weekend, Gloria was trying to help Eli clean up his "stuff" box. When Eli cleans up a mess, he'll get about halfway there and then totally lose interest, so it's a challenge to get him to finish. He has a little pencil box that he stores all kinds of things in, and most of those things were on the living room rug--pencils, little toys, paper clips, safety scissors, etc.

Gloria was stressing the important of getting everything picked up. "Keep your box intact so all your things don't fall out," she said.

"Good advice for everyone," I said.

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