Thursday, January 03, 2008

The Birds

I went swimming before Christmas and it was crazy windy, with gusts to 45 mph. After I finished, I was driving to get a sandwich for lunch, and when I stopped at a light I saw a huge flock of birds. They were white on their bellies, but dark grey on their wings and backs.

They were all flying near this wire, trying to land, and the wind was tossing them all over the place, almost in unison. So with the contrast between their white stomachs and grey backs, and the wind tossing them back and forth as they flapped wildly, it all looked like a black and white flip book.

If you can imagine a flip book as wide as your field of view, with hundreds of bird flipping from black to white many times per second, that's what I was seeing.

Not many things take my breath away, but this did.

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