Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Haze Promotion Update

Very interesting (thanks MTV Multiplayer):
The flyer reads: “PLAY HAZE FOR A WEEK: Pre-purchase Haze and get full in-store credit back when you trade Haze in within one week of pick-up!”

Was it real? Yes. Is it still being offered?

A Ubisoft representative told me yesterday: no.

...What I was told by a member of the Ubisoft’s PR team in the U.S. yesterday was that there had been a miscommunication between the publisher’s Canadian arm and the EB Games retail chain in Canada. Furthermore, the issue has been rectified some time in the last week and the promotion has been cancelled. I was unable to get further details on how this miscommunication happened.

Let's see. This story first surfaced on March 12, and it took a WEEK for Ubisoft to respond with this statement. But it was all just a mix-up.


I find it interesting that any publisher would try this, but it seemed like an excellent way to get more attention (and pre-orders) for the game. Too bad that it's not going to happen.

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