Monday, September 29, 2008


My best friend Mike grew up in Lubbock and is (naturally) a huge fan of Texas Tech. They're rated #7 right now (second highest rating in school history), and today, when the Dow was down about, oh, a million points, I called him and left this message:
Hypothetical scenario number one. Congress fails to pass a bill to address the financial crisis, the markets plunge, and while it's not another Great Depression, it winds up being much worse than 1973-1974, which was awful. However, Texas Tech wins the national championship.

Hypothetical scenario number two. Congress passes an effective bill, the markets worldwide are stabilized, and the panic is over, with the U.S. market taking off from there. Texas Tech goes 7-5 and winds up playing in the Independence Bowl.

What do you choose?

Less than five minutes later (he was in L.A. on business), I get this text message back:
National championship...I was born poor and I'll die poor.

Next week: a hypothetical about nuclear war.

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