Friday, October 03, 2008

Friday Links!

It's on.

In what be one of the best links I've ever posted, we start this week with Grill Skill, a Wendy's training video from 1989. It's what happens when a fast food company tries to hijack popular culture to train its employees. Just watch the first fifteen seconds and you'll be hooked. That first link is to part one--here's part two. Thanks to Andrew B for the epic link.

Next, from Geoff Engelstein, an amazing link to a huge part of our politcal history: Presidential campaign commercials. Covering 1952-2008, it's morbidly compelling to see how they've changed.

Here's quite a surpise from an article in the L.A. Times:
A genetic analysis of a biopsy sample recently discovered in the Democratic Republic of the Congo has led researchers to conclude that the virus that causes AIDS has existed in human populations for more than a century, according to a study released Wednesday.

From the Edwin Garcia Links Machine, a link to the Cab Calloway Hepster Dictionary, and it's both awesome and fascinating. Next is Star Trek as the A-Team. Then we have a dog playing fetch--with a ball machine.

From Tim Jones, a link to a massive photo essay on the most dangerous roads in the world (which I may have linked to before, but there are additional sections now).

Here's a fascinating link from Andrew B about, a website selling discounted computer printer products that is run--by monks. The company profits were in excess of 4.5M last year, and it all went to charity.

From Sirius, a link to when giant prehistoric geese roamed the Earth. Also, a link to the concept that a cloaking device could be used to protect coastlines from tsunamis. I know, it sounds crazy, but it's actually very intriguing. Finally, take a look at the world's 23 toughest math questions. Wait, there's one more: Researchers Catch Lake Victoria Fish In The Act Of Evolving.

From Liz Watson, a link to a story about Jack Thompson (not Simple Jack), a three-year old boy who saved his mother's life. Also, a link to the website of a fellow who has built replicas of nearly one hundred castles--using Legos.

From Jesse Leimkuehler, a Martian sunrise.

Here's hoping it doesn't happen to you: Man sues Maryland doctor, says butt stapled shut. Thanks (I think) to Andrew B. for the link (although I recommend just enjoying the headline). Oh, and since we're talking about headlines, try this one: Hookers lining up for their BJs. Thanks to Evan for the link.

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