Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Not the Last Post About Rock Band 2, But the Last Post About This Particular Subject

It's complicated, based on my e-mail.

Doug Farmer let me know that you can actually finish the game on Medium without unlocking all the songs ("finish" meaning playing the Rolling Stone Immortal List and seeing the credits roll).

Skip Key notes that challenge mode, compared to the original tour mode in RB1, is missing the following:
1. breaking out score by difficulty. If I have, say, a 4* on hard, and a limped 3* on expert, I want to see both, and improve both, and it's difficult to do so.
2. breaking out score by instrument. It's going to store the best score I have on the hardest difficulty on whatever instrument. I get around this by creating (so far) 3 different bands, one each that I only play guitar, bass or drums.
3. It's missing the ability to play the songs out of order, and only one at a time.

Really, based on Skip's e-mail and a few others, I think that the loss of data granularity is what's bothering some people more than anything else. Skip also noted:
Now note, none of these is big enough to keep me from playing the game for probably several hundred hours.

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