Friday, December 19, 2008

Friday Links!

It's our pre-holiday edition, complete with heartwarming links and hopefully no links to penis cookbooks. Oh, and if I ever decide to build a new system during the holiday season again, I want all of you to remind me that it's a bad idea, and if I try to continue, then kill me. Thank you.

First off this week, via Neatorama, is Zooborns, and it's exactly what it sounds like: pictures of baby animals from zoos all over the world. They're cute and utterly adorable and I demand that you go look at them immediately.

From Tim Jones, a link to a terrific videogame documentary--from 1984. Here's a show description:
Computers are creating an entirely new platform for playing games, between humans or between humans and computers.

Guests: Trip Hawkins, Electronic Arts; Bill Budge, Game Designer; Chris Crawford, Atari; Steve Kitchen, Activision

Products/Demos: Pinball Construction Set, One on One, Space Shuttle, Excaliber, Larry Bird Basketball

Yes, it's just as interesting as the description.

From Vahur Teller, a link to Doug Engelbart's The Demo, and here's a a description of what was shown:
This was the public debut of the computer mouse. But the mouse was only one of many innovations demonstrated that day, including hypertext, object addressing and dynamic file linking, as well as shared-screen collaboration involving two persons at different sites communicating over a network with audio and video interface.

From Michael O'Reilly, the greatest death and "after death" story EVER. Here's the headline:
Weather rocket kills man and blows up his body at cremation

I think I saw that on an episode of Six Feet Under.

From John Richards, a link to a working replica of the legendary Antikythera mechanism.

From Jeffery Gardiner, a link to a stunning video of bioluminescence in an Australian marina.

From Sirius, a link to a vintage flying car (complete with video).

Here's a link from DQ reader Herman Kreiger to a set of black-and-white photo essays , also taken by Herman Krieger. And they're very, very cool.

From DQ Fitness Advisor Doug Walsh, a link to some spectacular photographs of lenticular clouds over Mount Ranier.

From the Edwin Garcia Links Machine, a link to the thinnest house in the world (several of them, actually, and you'll laugh when you see just how thin they really are). Next are five amazing HDR photographs of Vancouver (my favorite city in the world). Next, a link to a remarkable journey to the city of Cappadocia (in Turkey), and the essay is titled Welcome to the underground.

From David Gloier, a link to a story about drillers breaking into a magma chamber .

From Chris Meadowcraft, a link to tiny, laser-cut dinosaurs.

From Andrew B, a link to the man without a past, who was found next to a dumpster four years ago and still has no memory of anything that happened before then.

From Steven Kreuch, a link to alternative Christmas trees.

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